Our Partners

Red Bike Delivery.

Abundance Cafe partners with Red Bike Delivery Service to offer convenient take-out and delivery options. We prioritize using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and specialize in vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-conscious dishes that are free from preservatives, soy, and refined sugar. With our meal prep service and Red Bike Delivery, we provide ready-to-eat meals and reduce our carbon footprint. Abundantly yours, Erin.

Apple Blossom Kombucha

Abundance Cafe partners with Apple Blossom Kombucha, a local kombucha brewery that takes pride in making kombucha using traditional methods and sourcing local ingredients. Apple Blossom Kombucha uses a blend of teas, Michigan sugar, and real fruits, vegetables, and herbs from trusted local farmers. They prioritize knowing the origins of their ingredients and supporting the local community.

Through their partnership, Abundance Cafe offers customers the opportunity to enjoy Apple Blossom Kombucha’s locally-made, high-quality kombucha, further supporting the local economy and providing a refreshing, probiotic-rich beverage option. Customers may choose to pick up their Abundance Food orders at this location 11:30am-6:00pm Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Takeout Takeout

We are proud to partner with Takeout Takeout, a forward-thinking reverse logistics company founded by Kendra Schneider. Takeout Takeout is on a mission to create a sustainable and inclusive model for living by tackling the challenges of packaging waste in the food industry.

Through their innovative approach, Takeout Takeout provides reusable to-go containers to customers, reducing the environmental impact of single-use packaging. We are excited to collaborate with Takeout Takeout in our shared mission to promote sustainable living and look forward to continuing our efforts to reduce waste and create a positive impact on the environment.

Maris K Photo

Abundance Cafe is proud to introduce Maris K Photo as our photography partner. Melissa, the creative force behind Maris K Photo, brings a unique perspective to every shot.

At Abundance Cafe, Maris K Photo is the lens through which we showcase our delicious dishes. Melissa’s talent adds an extra layer of warmth and authenticity to your Abundance experience.

Join us in celebrating Maris K Photo’s artistry and explore our world through their lens. Together, we’re committed to creating and preserving memories you’ll treasure forever.

Discover Abundance Cafe through the eyes of Maris K Photo today!

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